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Ski/Snowboard Tune Up

Preparing your skis and boards properly will mean that they will run much more consistently. We’ve all had the experience of our skis or snowboard sticking as we travel down the hill, and that’s not a good feeling.
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Basic tune includes:
Sharpening your skis will also pay big dividends on the hill. Starting to carve earlier in the turn is key. If you keep your equipment properly tuned it will make it easier to ski and let your shaped skis do what they were designed to do; make it easier for you to carve like a pro.
Base Structure
We have state-of-the-art Wintersteiger professional ski tuning equipment, which can not only repair the base of your ski but also provides a choice of up to 42 different computer-controlled, grinding programs to prepare your skis with up to 42 different kinds of base structure.
Most of us also know that we need to wax our skis, but did you know it is the purpose of wax to allow microscopic water droplets to roll off the ski and that these water droplets, like little ball bearings, need to be channeled through a defined structure, that is ground into the base of your ski.