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COVID-19 Policies

COVID-19 Policies and Practices


At Station Ski & Ride, we are doing our very best to minimize the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has on our customers.


When visiting us in-store, please adhere to the following:


1.    All customers will be required to wear a facemask while in the store. We prefer that you bring your own but we will have masks available for purchase if needed.


2.    We have placed Hand Sanitizer stations throughout the store and we encourage you to please sanitize your hands when entering or leaving the store.


3.    Please don’t bring any un-sanitized gear or goods into the store. If it is necessary to bring the item inside, let us receive and clean it outside, before it is brought in.


4.    The limitations imposed by the social distancing protocol restricts our capacity to support in-store browsing or regular shopping. To best serve you in these circumstances we encourage creating appointments before coming in, so that we can be prepared to concentrate on you and so that you can have a better, and more rewarding shopping experience.


5.    We have an Online Booking Calendar through our website.  You can work out the best available time and day for you and we encourage you to use it to arrange an appointment for the best service and shopping experience.


6.    All customers will be greeted at the door by a designated staff member who will ascertain the services you need and set them up. If you have made an appointment you will be served as closely to the agreed time as is possible; if you are a customer without an appointment we will serve you as soon as possible, but you may have to wait until space and staff become available.  


When you are preparing to come to the shop, we ask you to bring only what is essential for your shopping goals.

 For example:

·         If you intend to try on new boots or having boot work done, a clean pair of ski or snowboard socks would be helpful. We will have new socks available for purchase if you do not want to bring your own.

·         If shopping for new goggles – bring in your helmet to ensure compatibility with your new goggles.

Things to keep in mind...

·         If shopping for a new helmet – what size, make and model are you currently wearing?

·         Also helpful is a customer created pseudo inventory of the equipment you already have; a list that you can bring along for your appointment so that we can appreciate what you have, what you may like, what you may need and provide the best service possible.


       At this time, we prefer NOT to take CASH.  Thank-you.



Let’s work together to prevent this nasty virus from taking our wonderful sport from us.