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Atomic VANTAGE GIRL X 100-120 + C5 GW Pink/Berr

Atomic Vantage GIRL X 100-120 are confidence- boosting skis for girls aged 5-8 who want to take on the mountain.
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On or off piste, the Atomic Vantage GIRL X 100-120 ski makes progressing super fun. Bend-X Technology lets young all-rounders make controlled turns effortlessly: the special flex zone in the binding area allows young girls to bend the ski easily for full contact with the snow at all times, whatever their weight. The Vantage GIRL models are a little wider than the Vantage GIRL X 70-90, with a little more V-shape. The exact outline is precisely tailored to the respective length of the ski, so every young skier gets the right ski for them.