About Station Ski and Ride

Station Ski & Ride - Your Local Dealer

Station Ski & Ride is your local source for a wide selection of bikes, bike services, clothing and accessories. Our store is located on Main Street N in the Town of Markham.

Bike Jump

Markham is at the center of a thriving, energetic community just to the north of Toronto and well within the GTA. We encourage you to visit our store, explore our wide selection of bikes and accessories available to support your riding style. You will like what you see.

We chose Markham for our store. We did so because we live here and recognize that Markham, and the surrounding region, deserves a world class, but local, ski and snowboard shop in the wintertime and greater access to a wide selection of quality bicycles, service and accessories at reasonable cost in the summer.

We intend to provide both, together with the extensive product knowledge, support and customer care residents of the region deserve.

We also believe in serving and supporting our local community. Maybe you do too.

Why Shop Local

Shop where you know, shop where you live and shop where you will be confident that what you have purchased is what works for you. As a speciality retailer we often feel pressure from developing on-line shopping sites, but they don't know you like we do, can't advise or properly equip you or be there when you need them, as we will.

Although discounted prices and easy accessibility may appear to make the purchase decision easy, think twice and consider the additional costs for shipping, importation, duties, brokerage, taxes, installation charges, proper fit and warranty issues and the hassles of returns.

As well, often the merchandise offered is not current manufacture, is incomplete, needs parts or accessories that may not be sold separately, or available locally, may no longer be considered safe and may not have warranty or support in your area.

Bike Ride

Shopping locally gives you the opportunity to interact directly and physically with the actual product, maybe ride it or try it out, allowing you to be confident it is what you want and are willing to pay for. It provides you with expert knowledge of the item and its intended use, building confidence that you are making the right decision.

Shopping locally also keeps money in our local economy - dollars spent in locally-owned business have up to three times the economic impact on your community as those spent at corporate chains.

There is a strong multiplier effect within the local community for every local dollar spent for retail goods or services.

Every dollar spent outside the community, that could have added to the community economy, is lost to our local economic health. Additionally, independent area businesses pay more local and regional taxes than do mega-corporations, keeping the tax revenue largely in the region.

By contrast, chains can actually drain tax revenue from communities, as when governments hand out millions in subsidies to national businesses, nominally in the interest of "job-creation" and usually providing benefits elsewhere.

Local business owners are typically more invested in a thoughtful, livable urban environment for their communities and their stores often require less physical space than corporate chains in suburban shopping centres.

By creating cohesive city and healthy town centres, pollution, automobile-dependency and urban sprawl can all be reduced.

Local ownership means that important decisions are made locally by people who live in the community and who will feel the impact of those decisions. Local businesses help build strong communities and neighbourhoods, linking citizens and nurturing local causes.

When businesses are owned by members of the community, the owners have obvious reasons for considering the impacts of important decisions about growth and local politics.

Shopping locally gives us all options. When thousands of different small companies compete with one another, innovation and competitive-pricing results. Giant multinational companies side-step this model by limiting product options and controlling competitive pricing, as well as making their products and presentation tediously uniform.

Large chains are lightly staffed, they focus on low personnel costs and not on people who know the products and their application. They often offer mind-numbing detached service, while local businesses put service first and can offer real product expertise and a wealth of knowledge about their limited lines of products while also providing local support for them.

Local ski and board shops know local conditions, local hills, what works here and what doesn't; they carry stock for the local market, not for the country overall and they have personally chosen, know and support what they sell. They may have programs that support local sports or other community initiatives, they are active and interested in the overall community and its success.

Shopping locally is good for the local community and all who live in it.

Come visit us and lets discuss how we can help you take full advantage of the products and services that we offer.

We're neighbours, and we're in this together.