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Electric Intelligent Mobility Systems


Visit Station Ski & Ride today, see some examples of manufacturer integrated E-Bike systems and discuss e-bikes integration and conversion options.

We'll answer all your questions about electric bikes: how they ride, how propulsion is developed and controlled, integrated and after-market systems.

Also learn about wheel, hub, and sprocket integration, performance, range, reliability and how an E-Bike might complement how, when and where you ride.

We can help you explore the growing interest in E-Bikes, their improved performance and utility, and the greater range of attractive options now available.



The Shimano STEPS Electric Bike System

Integrated, Intelligent, Silent and Easy-to-use.

Shimano e-bike System

With its large capacity battery and intelligent power management, the Shimano STEPS System, caters to everybody's needs and delivers the ultimate in performance and reliability.

The combined drive unit and internal gearhub provides fully automatic shifting in which torque, speed and cadence are monitored to automatically and smoothly shift into the right gear but, with you in full control, you can switch back to manual shift whenever you want.



The Bosch Active Line E-Bike System

Introducing a New Era of Mobility.

Bosch e-bike System

It's designed for commuters, athletes, enthusiasts, trailblazers and everyone for whom an active lifestyle and healthy environment is near and dear.

The 2018 Bosch systems, are reliable and useful and, engaging only when pedaled, preserves the healthy human element in cycling while enabling the rider to maintain a comfortable speed with less physical effort.

High energy density batteries, exceptional mileage, long service life, low weight and easy handling reflects Bosch's wealth of experience and focus on quality.

Manufacturer Integrated
Electric Bikes

Electric Bike Trek Conduit+

Trek Conduit+

Electric Bike Trek Lift+

Trek Lift+

Electric Bike Trek Lift+ Lowstep

Trek Lift+ Lowstep

Electric Bike Trek Townie Go 8i Mens

Trek Townie Go! 8i Mens

Electric Bike Trek Townie Go 8i Ladies

Trek Townie Go! 8i Ladies

Electric Bike Trek T80+ US

Trek T80+ US