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Bike Accessories

Bike Accessories

We have all the accessories you need to get the most out of your bike. The must-haves like bells, helmets, bike locks, and water bottles, the should-haves like lights and gloves and proper clothing and the nice to have, which you really have to see to appreciate. We have searched for new and unique products to make your ride better and they are all at Station Ski & Ride.

Bike Accessories

Gas sucks.
Ride your bike.

Use accessories to jazz up your urban warrior with new grips, a basket, rack and fenders; turn your day bike into a great commuter for work or little errands around town; or just go ahead and personalize the character of your own favourite ride or your riding.


Bike Helmets

Keep your head safe

There is no good reason not to wear a helmet, and if you're under 18 it's the law. They fit well. They look great. They now vent better than ever and they can save your life. What's there not to like about a good helmet? Let us fit you properly and help keep you both safe and comfortable. Come in and let us show you how that can be done. Good fitting, great helmets like these are key.

Bontrager CircuitBontrager QuantumBontrager Quantum WomensBontrager Rally


Bontrager StarvosBontrager Starvos QASBontrager Starvos WomensBontrager Solstice


Bontrager Solstice RedBontrager VelocisBontrager Velocis Womens


Bike Shoes

Help your feet do the work

Good, comfortable, supportive shoes, like these, that fit properly, transfer energy properly and and couple properly to your drivetrain will improve your ride and reduce fatigue. Don't you owe it to your feet to provide the tools that let them work efficiently? Your legs will thank you too.

Bontrager Race DLXBontrager RL MountainBontragerShimano R078L


Computers and Instrumentation

Instrumentation sets for bikes.

How fast, how far, duration, when, where, top speed, average speed, maps, position, routes and tracks showing how you got wherever you end up are available in our instrumentation sets for bikes from top manufacturers like Garman, Magellan, Bontrager and Cat Eye. It can be as simple or as complex as you want. Ask about what's available for your bike when we set it up for the way you ride.

Garmin ComputerCat Eye Wireless ComputerBontrager Trip 300Magellan Cyclo 505


Bike Light Sets

Don't be afraid in the dark

Being clearly seen on a bike is key as darkness falls. As the sun sets your surroundings become less visible, and so do you! Regulations require you to have proper lights and reflectors if you ride after dusk to before sun-up. Getting a proper light set for your bike will help keep you safe, and legal, and extend your riding day into the, often magic, evening hours. Among the wide variety of lights available are some like these.

Bontrager ION 800 RBontrager ION 450 RBontrager ION 120Bontrager ION 100


Bontrager Flare R CityBontrager Flare R TaillightBontrager Flare 3 Taillight


Bike Bells

Be seen AND be heard

A good bell is a necessity for a safe ride, and a requirement of bicycle law. We have several great bells that you can choose from, well beyond the ping types shown below. Don't forget to get one and have it installed before you ride away.

Electra Bike HornBell Mirrycle IncredibellCat Eye Super MiniHonka Hoota


Cherie Ding Dong PinkDing Dong Bell NightowlDing Dong Bell PeaceDing Dong Bell Hanami


Bike Mirrors

See them too

Its nice to know what's around and behind you when you ride and mirrors compensate for not having eyes in the back of your head or a rear facing camera on your helmet. If you ride on roads they are a big help.

Electra Crusier BlackElectra Crusier HandlebarElectra Crusier


BMX Accessories

Take it up a peg

Jazz up your ride, and improve your tricks, with specialized BMX accessories. Too numerous to mention, we carry a wide range of great BMX accessories from distributors like Brink and Ryder. Check it out at Brink DistributionRyder BMX, and get it here.

Black Label Cromoly PegsBlack Label Graduate Pegs 2Black Label Graduate Pegs


Bike Cages

Well-held and handy

Put it where you want it and keep it there with a new, lightweight cage that can securely hold your water bottle while making it easy to insert and remove when you want to. It's not just your momma's bent wire thingy any more - it's a lot better.

Blackburn Slick Cage 2Blackburn Slick CageBontrager RL Water Bottle Cage 3Lezyne Flow Cage


Bike Pedals

Add punch to your push

Get all the thrust you develop into the bike drivetrain through efficient pedals that can capture and transmit all the energy to where it's meant to go. Having minimal losses through slippage, bending, alignment and friction means you effectively convert more of your push into shove.

EVO Adventure SLLook KEO 2 MaxShimano Deore XT M780Shimano Ultegra PD6800



You really can carry it

You can take it with you, if you really want to, or pick it up and take home, if you're told to, or take it to use on the ride or share with friends. All kinds of storage add-ons are available, each designed to better meet the need you may have to take it along, go fetch it, or whatever turns your crank.

Electra Wicker BasketBontrager Hilo Speed BoxCamelback Podium Insulated BottleZefal Ping Silver


Nantucket BasketElectra QR Basket


Bike Tires

Where the rubber meets the road

Literally! This is the place where a small spot at the bottom of your tire makes contact with the road and this tiny contact patch is all that supports both your bike and you and the twists and turns and braking and acceleration forces you create, transferring them to the pavement, gravel, grass, mud or whatever surface you ride on. This is not trivial stuff. Give your tires some respect, match them with where and how you ride and get the good ones.

Bontrager Dialed KidsBontrager XR1 Comp KidsBontrager XR4 Team IssueConnection Tire


Bike Tire H2 26Bike Tire H2 700X 35CBike Tire H5 700C


Bike Wheels

Roll round the route

The Sumerians, some 8,000 years ago, invented the wheel and it's been a hit ever since. What goes around comes around, and that's the key to it's success. The rounder it is the better it rolls, but that's just one of the attributes that makes a great wheel. There's several more and we would love to talk to you about them and how you can ride longer, faster and more comfortably, with improved control. We've come a long way from the Sumerian version.

Aeolos Pro 3 DiscAeolos Pro 3 Rim Brake


Fenders, Pumps and Tools

There when you need them

Keep the mud on the tires and off your clothes. Air, assumed to be securely contained in a tire, has a tendency to sneak out unexpectedly. Bits do come loose from time to time, and, while we may not admit it, we all scratch, bend and occasionally break things. Things that shouldn't sometimes just go wrong. Many of these can be corrected while they are small, before they grow into a real issue, if we have access to a few common tools and some idea how to use them. You can get both at our store. And without that streak of mud up your back, or a flat tire, you're less likely to be upset and break something.

Bontrager TLR Flash ChargerPump Bontrager Air Support HP Pro LElectra Townie Fender Set matte blackElectra Townie Fender Set matte silver


Blackburn Heist 10Cycle Ops TrainerLezyne Rap 13Shimano Pro Bike Gear Floor Pump


Thule Car Racks

You CAN take it with you

Thule Car Racks

Station Ski & Ride has a great selection of Thule car racks.

Bike Carriers Off-road or on-road. Whether it's just you or a full carload of friends and family, get your bikes wherever you're going with a Thule bike rack - quickly, easily, and safely. If you're unsure which bike carrier suits you best, use the Thule Fit Guide.

Hitch Mounted Bike Carriers Thule's hitch racks are easy to install and use. These durable racks mount to the receiver hitch so no base rack is required. Multiple options available to carry 1 to 5 bikes.

Call or visit Station Ski & Ride and talk to us about getting the best Thule rack for your ourdoor adventure needs.

Visit the Thule web site for more information


Yakima Car Racks

You CAN take it with you

Yakima Car Racks

Station Ski & Ride has a great selection of Yakima car racks. Yakima makes one of the finest gear-hauling solutions money can buy. Get a Yakima rack and take your gear into the great outdoors.

Yakima racks are the best solution for taking your gear with you to the cottage, camping, long trips, weekend get-a-ways or anywhere else you're planning to go.

Yakima racks are functional, durable and beautifully designed. They're built with the outdoor enthusiast in mind and the perfect solution for hauling your bikes and other gear.

Call or visit Station Ski & Ride and talk to us about getting the best Yakima rack for your ourdoor adventure needs.

Visit the Yakima web site for more information