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This is it! The latest snowboard line-up has been anticipated for a few years.

Technology like EST, reverse camber, Easy Rider, and more, makes snowboarding effortless to learn, and easy to enjoy.

Make this winter the one where you improve your riding with new equipment. With our service and knowledge, you will be confident that your board will make you the rider you want to be.

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The After School Special

Burton After School Special - Snowboard

Burton makes learning snowboarding with boards like the Chopper and Chicklet a breeze.

Easy Rider™ on the Chopper® lifts the edges off the snow to get kids on the right track from day one. The super soft flex makes it easy for even the lightest weight shredders to gain balance and control.

For the three smallest sizes, they developed grippy foot pads and a Riglet accessory that lets you tow junior around until he's ready to rock bindings.

Even the kids know this is the best Boards and Bindings deal going! Board, bindings, even a travel bag, to drag all this and more to the mountain!

The After School Special instantly turns lazy afternoons into adventures at the local hill.

Simply choose the package based on your child's size. The easy-to-adjust bindings make setup a cinch while the super soft, saucer-like snowboard guarantees good times for even the lightest weight riders.

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