Ski Tuning - Professional Tuning for your Skis and Snowboards

State-of-the-Art Ski Tuning

Ski and snowboard tuning is too often overlooked by most of us. Before heading out to the hills you should make the most of the opportunity by ensuring that your equipment is properly prepared.

Wintersteiger Ski Tuning Machine

At Station Ski & Ride we have state-of-the-art Wintersteiger professional ski tuning equipment, which can not only repair the base of your ski but also provides a choice of up to 42 different computer-controlled, grinding programs to prepare your skis with up to 42 different kinds of base structure.

Wintersteiger Ski Edger

Most of us also know that we are supposed to wax our skis, but did you know it is the purpose of wax to allow microscopic water droplets to roll off the ski and that these water droplets, like little ball bearings, need to be channeled through a defined structure, one that is ground into the base of your ski?

Wintersteiger Ski Hot Waxer

Sharpening your skis will also pay big dividends on the hill. Starting to carve earlier in the turn is key. If you keep your equipment properly tuned it will make it easier to ski and let your shaped skis do what they were designed to do; make it easier for you to carve like a pro.


Preparing your skis and boards properly will mean that they will run much more consistently. We've all had the experience of our skis sticking as we travel down the hill, and that's not a good feeling. The more consistently your skis run the easier it will be for you to ski. If it's speed you're after, by changing the base grind, sharpening the edges and using a compatible and condition specific type of wax, you will allow your skis to run faster in all conditions.


It's Easy to Explain Why Proper Ski Tuning is Important.

Structured Base

A Structured Base provides easier turn and glide.

An optimally structured base ensures a perfect "turning moment" and smooth, easy gliding in all snow conditions.

Skis Structured Base

Edge Grinding

Less energy is needed to make your ski perform.

Better control reduces the risk of accident.

Professional edge grinding ensures an uncompromising grip, even in icy slope conditions. This saves energy and increases safety. A good base and a great edge, together, create a feeling on the slopes that you never want to be without again.


Before Tuning your Skis:

Ski Tuning Before

Edges are rusty and dull

Base is scratched and scarred

Base has no defined structure




After Your Skis are Properly Tuned:

Ski Tuning After

Edges are perfectly tuned, sharp and shiny

Base is smooth and waxed

Base has the desired defined, structured, finish




We Recommend Having Your Skis Tuned:

  • Prior to the first outing each winter
  • After about every four days on the slopes
  • At the end of the season
  • And, at any time, major base or edge damage should be repaired immediately
Ski Wall

Five Steps to a Perfect Tune:

  1. For all tuneups, the top, base and edges should be wiped clean of any dirt, solvents and excess wax then the ski or board inspected for any damage.
  2. In a Basic Tune, any nicks are repaired. Gouges are looked after as part of a Major Tuneup and/or core shots are repaired and filled with base repair material, or, if severe, quoted on.
  3. This ski or board is then run across the stone grinder, removing any minor damage and making the base flat and true. In doing so tiny cuts are ground off and the base becomes true and flat once again.

    Now the structure can be created to provide that all-important aid in gliding that is able to absorb wax. The new structure also helps prevent suction and friction between the ski base and snow.

    Your ski or board glides better and accomplishes the transition from edge to edge more easily. In addition, different temperatures and snow conditions require different structures - only the technician knows the right formula for your usual ski and skiing conditions.
  4. Most ski and Board edges are designed to be "bevelled" between zero and 2°. When properly ground that bevel is restored and a continuous smooth surface is created.
  5. The last step in tuning is hot waxing. Hot wax impregnates the base, protects against damage and improves the gliding and turning properties of your ski or board.


The Benefits of Professionally Tuned Skis

  • Smoother more consistent runs
  • Keep your Skis from sticking as you travel down the hill
  • Improve the speed of your runs
  • Allow you to Ski easier with less effort
  • Provide a proper structure to match your Skiing level and style

All the Pros make sure their Skis are properly tuned before hitting the hills. You should do the same. Preparing your skis properly will allow your skis to run more consistently. It's unsettling to have your skis behave differently from minute to minute as you go down the hill, it ruins your rhythm, destroys your confidence and messes up your run.

The more consistent your skis run, the easier it will be to ski. If speed is what you're after, you'll achieve this by changing the grind and using a specific type of wax that will allow your skis to run faster.

Sharpening your skis will also pay big dividends on the hill. Carving your ski at the start of the turn is key. Keeping your equipment tuned makes it easier to ski and lets your skis do what they're supposed to do, making you a better skier.

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